1 10 Advantages
2 Sales System
3 Vast Stocks
4 Export Center
6 Proper Price
7 Quality Management
8 Prevent M/Cs Improper for Export
9 After Sales Services
10 Selection and Loading service
11 The big difference
12 International Relationship
13 Guidance to the Export Center

1 The Origin of
Red Baron
2 Outline
3 Inquiries
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As the biggest M/C dealer in Japan, We are pleased to support your used M/C import business: with the pride, the dedication to service, and our collecting and storing competence, as motorcycle professionals



1. 10 Unrivaled Advantages of Red Baron Group

2. Sales System, Organized for Responding to Customers Request

3. Vast Stocks as No. 1 in Japan, and Exclusive Prompt Collection System

4. Export Distribution Center, Big Scale with Reliable Facilities

5. Latest maintenance quality with "ACIDM"

6. Proper Price for Every Grade of Condition

7. Quality Management for Precious Merchandizes

8. Prevent Supplying M/Cs Improper for Export

9. After Sales Services, for Customer Satisfaction

10. Selection and Loading service after your request

11. The big difference between "Red Baron" and others

12. Expanding for further International Relationship

13. Guidance to the Export Center


1. The Origin of Red Baron

2. Outline of "Red Baron Group", the professional M/C dealer

3. Inquiries

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