1 10 Advantages
2 Sales System
3 Vast Stocks
4 Export Center
6 Proper Price
7 Quality Management
8 Prevent M/Cs Improper for Export
9 After Sales Services
10 Selection and Loading service
11 The big difference
12 International Relationship
13 Guidance to the Export Center

1 The Origin of
Red Baron
2 Outline
3 Inquiries
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The big difference between "Red Baron" and others

Please refer to the separate table for details
Items Red Baron Auction
Inventory Constantly 10,000units in stock
+ 22,000 at shops
Auction meeting is held once a week
Approx. 1,000 to 1,500 units average at display
Prices Prices reflect true market prices,
well balanced with conditions
Extra commissions are charged Prices are mostly higher due to auctioning. Prices do not reflect conditions of motorcycles properly.
After sale service Parts and service data will be supplied. Almost no after services.
Delivery facilities
(Vanning place)
Export distribution center has an officially approved vanning place. 20,000 units shipping capacity per month. No vanning place. Vanning will be done only by other copmany. They charge buyers extra for transportation of motorcyles contracted even from the auction place to a local forwarder.
Business Hours Open 7 days
5 languages supported
Auction meeting is held once a week on average. Japanese language only . You are required to be accompanied by a member for participation.
Payment Within a week from the day contracted
Within the day auction meeting is held.
International franchise available N/A
Chauffeuring Available from Nagoya Airport/ Nagoya Station N/A

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