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1 The Origin of
Red Baron
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The Origin of Red Baron



It was during World War1 and the place was Europe. The invincible air fighter, Baron Von Richt Hofen flew his bi-plane magnificently. As with the knights of the Middle Ages, he fought with a passion for honour and glory. His story has been passed on from generation to generation. He is known as Red Baron.

Through in all ages, seeking adventure and romance in their positive life and having various experiences, people have built their own culture. We can say various interchanges among people and a wide range of living experiences are the resources of energy which enables people to keep burning their fresh energy as long as they like.

We think today riders of sports motorbikes are the very people who assume the responsibility of(creating)these kinds of various cultures. We, therefore, regard them as the “Cotemporary Red Baron of the Road”. 0ur logo of the “passionate gentlemen” symbolizes these riders since we were founded in 1972.

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