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[ Japanese ]

Selection and Loading service after your request

1. Selection
a. First, please come and visit our'Export Distribution Center' to select motorcycles by yourself among 10,000 units of 4 Japanese makes in all ranges. You will realize how big we are and how wonderful we are. We would be the suitable company for you to have relationship in the long term.

b. In the case you could not come to us, the order by fax would be available with detailed description( makes, model designations, year range etc. ), our sales professionals would select appropriate machines, and offer them to you by the table with grades and prices.

c. Once you have visited us and established a certain relationship, we could help you selecting motorcycles you want. This will save your precious time and big expenses for visiting us.

2. Classification of motorcycles by grade
a. Our used motorcycles are classified into 8 grades, to make each unit properly recognizable. "Grade 8"stands for the one as good as new, and "Grade 2"and "Grade 1" means the ones for spare parts.

b. For further details , please refer to the separate table.

3. Payment
a. We would accept T/T remittance or an irrevocable L/C at sight, within a week after signing up a sales contract.

b. Other method of payment would be negotiable.

4. Packing and vanning
a. Since we are fully aware of customers need regarding the packaging and shipment, we organize every shipment to reach our customers safely, with any request listed below:
A. Do not cause any damage on important portions of the motorbikes .
B. Use bumpers to avoid any collapse of cargoes
C. Load maximum number into a container .

b. For better packing, we put motorbikes in two-stories, using wood or steel frames, with full use of tie-down belt, vinyl air packs, buffer balloon bags, felt sheets, etc. Containers are officially sealed at our Export Distribution Center .

5. Preparation of various documents
We would obtain the inspection certificate by SGS, prepare necessary documents to meet the demand of each country .

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