1 10 Advantages
2 Sales System
3 Vast Stocks
4 Export Center
6 Proper Price
7 Quality Management
8 Prevent M/Cs Improper for Export
9 After Sales Services
10 Selection and Loading service
11 The big difference
12 International Relationship
13 Guidance to the Export Center

1 The Origin of
Red Baron
2 Outline
3 Inquiries
[Japanese ]

Outline of "Red Baron Group",
the professional M/C dealer

1. It is 39 years since Red Baron Group was established, and we are one of used M/C dealers with the longest history in Japan.

2. As the center of group, Red Baron Co.,Ltd. operates 3 subsidiaries in Japan. The president & Representative Director is Hitoshi Sugiura, and 7 other Directors are running the whole group together.


3. Profile
The total share capital ―― \5.44 billion
The total yearly turnover ―― \72.1 billion
The number of
―― 2093
The total number
of shops in Japan
―― 300
( as for July 7,2011 )

4. Used M/C Export
We also have the biggest capacity of used motorcycles export in Japan, we are the company you would choose for the safe and long-term dealing.

5. The main banks --Major city banks in Japan:
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. / The Mizuho Bank, Ltd. / The Resona Bank / The Sumitomo Mitsui Bank / The Juroku Bank, Ltd. / The Okazaki Bank

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