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2 Sales System
3 Vast Stocks
4 Export Center
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7 Quality Management
8 Prevent M/Cs Improper for Export
9 After Sales Services
10 Selection and Loading service
11 The big difference
12 International Relationship
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After Sales Services, for Customer Satisfaction

1. After sales service is one of our outstanding specialties, since we have been growing through direct M/C sales and repair to customers all over Japan.

2. The whole process is completed in one place, from the contract to loading. In the case of overloading, the leftovers are available to be packed in the next container.

3. Used M/C parts would be supplied for bulk-purchase.

4. Supplying any documents, required for registration, is also available

5. We are able to send one of our mechanics to your country.

6. We have a genuine-parts order system with Japanese manufacturers, making supply of these spares accurate and quick .

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